Is about finding ways to make life better for lots of people.
For many years My Mission has been:
“To assist 1000’s of people to lives of time and financial freedom using social network marketing
and group efforts.”  I believe that people can not make the money needed to live well in this
world with jobs, small businesses, or professions. Even people who make plenty of money, have the
problem of not having enough time to do much but work. 
My journey has taken me to many places.  I have had many mentors over these years.  From each I have
learned skills.  My mentor Mark Seyforth has had a similar vison.  He has stayed true to course in believing that people
can have a life of time and financial freedom.  The vehicles that he has created were great ideas.  I
worked the businesses One 24 and Day One, that Mark Seyforth launched.  The potential was there, but
people just were not into buying products to make money.  I respect that Mark was willing and able to
move on and incorporate a vehicle that everyone wants.  Travel is something many people do often.
 This is a business where you can make an income, even if you do not travel.  The compensation
plan that he has created is unlike any other in the networking world. (Mark was instrumental in start up
of Herbal Life).  Everyone wins here.  This is a one world geneology.  This will be a global company.
I encourage you to take a look.  This is a FUN place to be.  You can CHOOSE the Good Life.  The effort
will be the worth it!  The $200. Hotel discount cards are genius.  This is working!
In December 2016, I went to the Good Life USA event in Hampton, Virginia.  I am grateful to have
met Mark Seyforth after 7 years in businesses with him.  He is the real deal.  His excitement is
contagious. The momentium has begun.  We are on a roll now!
2000 members at this time.  400 thousand cards shot up to 700 thousand cards that have been purchased
In just a few weeks, as of 12/16.
By next year there may  be 50 thousand people in our travel club.  Start your MONEY TREE now!


Two December videos that will give you a feel for what is happening here.
https://youtu.be/FnJH2BJdA9k   A conversation with Mark Seyforth

I find this mind blowing.  Listening again, and again.  Big Smile,

Robin Foster         
Waitsfield, Vermont
I am still a photographer too.  www.robinfoster.com    Vermont’s, Mad River Valley, Images will be for sale
online soon. Images are also for sale in the Gallery at Foster’s Waitsfield, Vermont
Thrift Shop and Styling Furniture, at 4412 Main Street Waitsfield,  (route 100 and Bridge Street).
The good life to me is to spend my days in downtown Waitsfield, to enjoy the people and the life here.
And, I plan to travel to may more places and come home to my routine.  I am already living my dream.